Monday, August 9, 2010


I have an addiction. Not only do I have an addiction, but it's a bad one.

I love paper.

There, I said it. It probably doesn't sound like a big deal to you. Who cares about collecting a bit of paper you say? Obviously you don't share my affliction. I've been collecting paper for years. It started when I was a teenager, gathering flyers for rock shows, programs from plays and ticket stubs. When I flip through old scraps of paper I can instantly conjure the memories of where I got them.

As I got older my taste in paper matured a bit. I caught the concert poster bug and I was instantly hooked. I could go on and on about concert posters. It's a sub culture unto its own. The important things to know is that gig posters can get expensive and framed posters take up a LOT of space.

R and I live in an extremely small place. 750ish square feet would be a good estimate. Wall space is at a premium to say the least. I've got something hanging on pretty much every inch of available space and drawers, boxes and tubes full of things I would love to add into the mix. What am I getting at here? There is NO more room in my life for more paper.

However, I came across something today that I just have to have. Enter Doghouse Pet Portraits. Kristin's pet portraits are out of this world and I think that we absolutely have to have them.

(via oh please, oh please let it be okay that I used your image.)

These portraits are fantastic! Not only that, but in the course of writing this post I realized that I can get our animal's portraits done on canvas.

That doesn't really count as more paper, does it?

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